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Calling closure assigned to object property directly

Why this is not possible in PHP? I want to be able to create a function on the fly for a particular object.

$a = 'a';
$tokenMapper->tokenJoinHistories = function($a) {
   echo $a;

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  • What is the error you get from this code? – Nobody Jul 21 '11 at 12:12

With $obj->foo() you call methods, but you want to call a property as a function/method. This just confuses the parser, because he didn't find a method with the name foo(), but he cannot expect any property to be something callable.

call_user_func($tokenMapper->tokenJoinHistories, $a);

Or you extend your mapper like

class Bar {
  public function __call ($name, $args) {
    if (isset($this->$name) && is_callable($this->$name)) {
      return call_user_func_array($this->$name, $args);
    } else {
      throw new Exception("Undefined method '$name'");

(There are probably some issues within this quickly written example)


PHP tries to match an instance method called "tokenJoinHistories" that is not defined in the original class

You have to do instead

$anon_func = $tokenMapper->tokenJoinHistories;

Read the documentation here especially the comment part.

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