I have a full Docker image that has Flutter SDK, Android SDK, Dart SDK, etc, all installed and in the $PATH.

I made it work on Intellij Idea, I can click "deploy" and it launches, but then I don't know what else to do.

I thought Intellij Idea would work inside this container, and so it would find Dart SDK, etc, and work.

How can I compile my flutter project using the SDK from the container on Intellij Idea? And also how to use intellisense, etc, all from things inside the container


Seems like this is not something that is currently supported in IntelliJ, according to a forum-post answered by JetBrains staff.

How I see it, you have three options:

  1. Switch to Visual Studio Code and follow these instructions
  2. Use the in the forum-post mentioned Projector, which runs your IDE on a Server and you can connect to it using a web browser, or a Electron desktop client
  3. Expose your SDKs from your Docker container and set the paths manually on your host system

With #3 I mean something like this, when running your container:

docker container run -itd \
   -v /local/path/to/sdk:/docker/path/to/sdk \

and then in your IDE you can set the path to that, or you could even set some environment variables like e.g. ANDROID_HOME to point to the local bind location.


You may try this.

  1. Go to File -> Project Structure
  2. Set the path for Module, Library, Project, and SDK

Sometimes IntelliJ requires the PATH setup here.

  • this will get the SDK and other things from the host, not from the container – Gatonito Jun 2 at 2:19

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