I've added nicks pallet as in Add a Pallet to Your Runtime tutorial

My changes are here https://github.com/led73/substrate-node-template/commit/8f3025a73b35804edf7c8dd7cd5630b387f2d344

But when I try to interact with the pallet and setName, it fails with event

system:ExtrinsicFailed:: (phase={"ApplyExtrinsic":1})-0
DispatchError: {"Module":{"index":9,"error":0}}, DispatchInfo: {"weight":50000000,"class":"Normal","paysFee":"Yes"}
An extrinsic failed. \[error, info\]

Where should I look what went wrong?

Screenshot is here


Your problem has an easy fix, check this line of your nicks pallet code, you are defining a minimum length of 8 characters, yet your test with larry will fail, as it doesn't reach the minimum requested length.

For future occasions there it goes a tip when a dispatch error happens. index:9 and error:0 are the index of the pallet in construct_runtime! which is throwing the error, and the index of the error in the #[pallet::error] definition of the pallet concerned.

Error with index 0 for nicks pallet being this one

  • Thank you Alejandro! May 31 at 13:43

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