When I run the command:

if exist file.txt (echo yes) else (echo no) > "output.txt" 2>&1

in a command prompt, if 'file.txt' doesn't exist, a file 'output.txt' is created reading 'no', whereas if 'file.txt' does exist, 'yes' is output to the console window and the file 'output.txt' isn't even created. I also executed a batch file:

if exist file.txt (echo yes) else (echo no) > "output.txt" 2>&1

and the result was the same, when 'file.txt' does exist 'yes' only appears in the console window. What's the reason, and how do I get all the output to redirect to 'output.txt' consistently?

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(if exist file.txt (echo yes) else (echo no) )> "output.txt" 2>&1

I think the problem is only a matter of parenthesis

  • …which can be reduced to (If Exist "file.txt" (Echo yes) Else Echo no) 1>"output.txt", because there should be no stdout, and the Else command does not need to be parenthesized.
    – Compo
    May 30, 2021 at 21:54

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