as the title says, we need to handle API credentials. These are used by a middle-ware, connecting two platforms via API requests. We have platform A, supplying the data to the middle-ware, which in turn sends it to platform B. Credentials (password) for the middle-ware are hashed with salt using BCrypt. However, users who trigger requests still need to provide credentials for platforms A and B. Most sensitive here are the passwords. Unfortunately, we can't hash them as we need to provide them to both platforms.

The middle-ware will be hosted by the customer on their respective server. To our understanding we have the option to store the credentials in the .env files or the db. Both times unhashed. Encryption would only make sense if the encryption key would not be in the same location. Now we're thinking of using them as session values and only for the duration of the session. To not have them stored permanently and to somewhat enhance the user experience. Would this be the way to go or should we take a different approach?

Thank you.

Best, Sebastjan

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