how are you all doing?

I tried already a lot of approaches that I found here, but I couldn’t get whats I want. I have a Sprite that has a canvas as its texture. But, this canvas renders a graphic, and it is a png graphic, so it’s hard to see if it is at some point that the colors of the lines are the same at the point’s color. I couldn’t also draw borders to this canvas, I really don’t know why…

Here is a link to a live example. And below is the code snippet in which I create the sprite:

 var cnv = document.createElement('canvas');
 $( "#container" ).append(cnv)

 var myChart = new Chart(

 var texture = new THREE.Texture(cnv);
 texture.needsUpdate = true;

 var spriteMaterial = new THREE.SpriteMaterial({ map: texture, color: 0xffffff });

 var sprite = new THREE.Sprite(spriteMaterial);    

 sprite.position.set(cube.position.x, cube.position.y + 5, cube.position.z);

Explanatory picture

So I would like to have this sprite with a background color, that could be light blue for example…

Two other things using this same context: Is there any way to connect this graphic to the cube? Like with some lines? Something like this.

I appreciate any kind of help! Thanks in advance.

Best regards from Brazil, Matheus

  • Hey Matheus! Adding a background color of the sprite can only be done with custom shaders. You'd replace all the transparent pixels with the desired background color. Regarding the lines drawn from the cube to the sprite; I would use a PlaneGeometry instead of a sprite. That way you can get the vertex positions of the bottom two corners and draw a THREE.Line between them and the cube's center. ( it would also be a little easier in combination with the custom shader ) – Ethan Hermsey May 31 at 19:44

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