I have Ruby on Rails app (3.1rc4) and I am constantly getting a couple of exceptions each day with the same user agent (Mozilla/4.0 (PSP (PlayStation Portable); 2.00)). Exception:

A ActionView::MissingTemplate occurred in home#index:
Missing template home/index, application/index with {:formats=>["*/*;q=0.01"], :locale=>[:en, :en], :handlers=>[:erb, :builder, :arb]}. Searched in:

I do have app/views/home/index.html.erb, but looks like it tries to find a file for a very strange request format "/;q=0.01".

HTTP Header:

 * HTTP_ACCEPT                               : */*;q=0.01

Anyone can help me with this problem?


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This is a common problem, see the ticket on Github.

You can choose to render HTML explicitly; just write render "index.html" instead of render. This will return HTML instead of a 406 though. I hope there are better solutions.


This is a known issue: https://github.com/rails/rails/pull/4176 You can fix it with respond_to and respond_with methods in your controller.


I have monkey patched this in Rails 3.0.x using middleware fix like:

class FixHttpAcceptHeader
  def initialize(app)
    @app = app

  def call(env)
    case env['HTTP_ACCEPT']
      when 'text/*', '*/*' # add others as needed
        env['HTTP_ACCEPT'] = 'text/html'

in application.rb

config.middleware.use "FixHttpAcceptHeader"

tested with this ruby script (found this script somewhere online but don't recall where...)

require 'rubygems'
require 'uri'
require 'net/http'
uri = URI.parse("http://localhost:3000")
http = Net::HTTP.new(uri.host, uri.port)

request = Net::HTTP::Get.new(uri.request_uri)
request["Accept"] = "text/*"

response = http.request(request)
puts response.body

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