My configuration file looks like:

  "app": {
    "Token": "sfasgeagesagasdgdas",
    "Address": "https://localhost",
    "User": "me",
    "Password": "pwd123",
    "Users": [
        "Id": "123456",
        "Username": "me"
        "Id": "234567",
        "Username": "notme"

I can get the token and address by:


But this approach does not work with json array values. How should I use json array?


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From your description, you want to get the Users information.

If you want to get the special user, you could use the following code (change the item index):

var user1_id = Configuration["app:Users:1:Id"];
var user1_username = Configuration["app:Users:1:Username"];

If you want to get all value of the entire array, you could use the following code:

IConfigurationSection myArraySection = Configuration.GetSection("app").GetSection("Users");
var itemArray = myArraySection.AsEnumerable();

Besides, if you could also create a Users Model base on the Json array:

public class Users
    public string Id { get; set; }
    public string Username { get; set; }

Then, use the following code to get the user data:

List<Users> myTestUsers = Configuration.GetSection("app").GetSection("Users").Get<List<Users>>();

The result like this:

enter image description here


You should read that like this in NET5:

var user0_id = config["app:Users:0:Id"];
var user1_id = config["app:Users:1:Id"];
var user0_username = config["app:Users:0:Username"];

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