Is it possible to specify the length of a list in the schema of the request body (or response)? There is support for validating the length of a string passed in the url with the Query function but I see nothing for lists.. Possible use case would be sending list of floats of fixed size to feed to a ML model.

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You can either use the Field function with min_items and max_items:

from pydantic import Field

class Foo(BaseModel):
    fixed_size_list_parameter: float = Field(..., min_items=4, max_items=4)

.. or you can use the conlist (constrained list) type from pydantic:

from pydantic import conlist

class Foo(BaseModel):
    # these were named min_items and max_items in Pydantic v1
    fixed_size_list_parameter: conlist(float, min_length=4, max_length=4)

This limits the list to exactly four entries of the float type.

  • Just an addition, if you are using Path parameters along with list as json payload then use Body(...) for payload else it will throw Not a valid list error. E.g. def add_item(self, request: Request, list_id: int, payload: conlist(ListItem, min_items=1, max_items=10) = Body(...)): this is kind of required in version 0.108.0, works fine without Body(...) in 0.89.0, not sure if it's a bug.
    – ap14
    Jan 11 at 10:00

As of Python 3.9 and Pydantic v2, the recommended way is to use Annotated types:

# tested with Python 3.9 & Pydantic 2.6

from typing import Annotated
from annotated_types import Len
from pydantic import BaseModel

class Foo(BaseModel):
  my_list: Annotated[list[str], Len(min_length=1, max_length=1)]

ok = Foo(my_list=["bar"])

# these will throw ValidationError exceptions
too_few = Foo(my_list=[])
too_many = Foo(my_list=["bar", "bar"])


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