I am trying to build the jhipster automatically, kindly help me to give a default value to analytics while building the jhipster file.

jhipster jdl file.jdl --no-insight

Above command will build and monolith application, after some steps it asks a question for analytics, how do you provide a default value to anlytics in jhipster command or jdl file ?

Insights question

enter image description here

Analytics question

enter image description here I see below options, but I dont see anything for anlytics

  -V, --version                           output the version number
  --blueprints <value>                    A comma separated list of one or more generator blueprints to use for the sub generators, e.g. --blueprints kotlin,vuejs
  --force-insight                         Force insight
  --no-insight                            Disable insight
  --force                                 Override every file (default: false)
  --dry-run                               Print conflicts (default: false)
  --whitespace                            Whitespace changes will not trigger conflicts (default: false)
  --bail                                  Fail on first conflict (default: false)
  --skip-regenerate                       Don't regenerate identical files (default: false)
  --skip-yo-resolve                       Ignore .yo-resolve files (default: false)
  -d, --debug                             enable debugger
  -h, --help                              display help for command


Set an env variable as export NG_CLI_ANALYTICS=ci before we run jhipster jdl app.jdl --no-insight

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