I am new to using Jhipster, I generated a gateway application in which I am trying to create entities that allow filtering as indicated in https://www.jhipster.tech/entities-filtering/

My JDL application looks like this:

  application {
  config {
    baseName Appcommun,
    applicationType gateway,
    packageName co.appcommunity.gateway,
    serviceDiscoveryType eureka,
    authenticationType jwt,
    databaseType sql,
    devDatabaseType h2Disk,
    prodDatabaseType mysql,
    cacheProvider hazelcast,
    buildTool maven,
    clientFramework angularX,
    enableTranslation true,
    nativeLanguage es,
    languages [es, en],
    testFrameworks [protractor]
  entities *


entity Community {
  name String required unique,
  description String,
  code String required unique,
  location String,
  address String required,
  logo String

dto * with mapstruct
filter Community
service * with serviceClass

When I run the Jhipster jdl jdlfile.jdl You can see the following messages:

info: The filter option is set for Community, the 'serviceClass' value for the 'service' is gonna be set for this entity if no other value has been set.

WARNING! Not compatible with jpaMetamodelFiltering, disabling

Generated Entity JSON looks like:

  "name": "Community",
  "fields": [
      "fieldName": "name",
      "fieldType": "String",
      "fieldValidateRules": ["required", "unique"]
      "fieldName": "description",
      "fieldType": "String"
  "relationships": [],
  "entityTableName": "community",
  "dto": "mapstruct",
  "pagination": "no",
  "service": "serviceClass",
  "jpaMetamodelFiltering": false,
  "fluentMethods": true,
  "readOnly": false,
  "embedded": false,
  "applications": ["easycommuniy"],
  "databaseType": "sql",
  "changelogDate": "20210603013758"

No filter service was generated.

Can any body say me what I'm doing wrong?

Can someone give me some hints? What am I doing wrong?

I tried to put jpaMetamodelFiltering": true, and regenerate the entity with the same result.



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