I am unable to dockerize my Jhipster Application with Springboot at backend and React at Frontend,Docker image creates Successfully but when i run the docker image it is showing The Network Adapter could not establish the connection (CONNECTION_ID=ta3/3QCRT7atGQSKQ9FdOQ==)

and Connection refused, socket connect lapse 1 ms. localhost 1521 30000 (1/1) true

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    How did you build your database container? Working with Oracle DB containers is a pain compared to PostgreSQL. You could first try to connect to your database from another client than your app (e.g. DBeaver) and once you got it working try to connect everything. – Gaël Marziou Jun 3 at 8:15
  • My Docker image of Jhipster applications is not connecting to Oracle Database – Shanmuka Kondaveti Jun 4 at 15:13
  • This does not answer my questions or suggestions. – Gaël Marziou Jun 4 at 16:04
  • Actually I created jhipster Application with React as front end client and springboot as backend both connects to oracle Database,application is running smoothly in ecilipse but when I created docker image to that jhipster application it is not able to connect to database showing error:connection refused – Shanmuka Kondaveti Jun 5 at 16:54
  • can you tell me how to create oracle container and connect my jhipster app docker image to that oracle container – Shanmuka Kondaveti Jun 5 at 16:55

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