Can i use javascript instead of typescript in Jhipster tool .I have set the environment and project structure where I found typescript is being used as a file for react side , so my qus is can we have a project skeleton of javascript instead of typescript.pls respond?


You can't configure JHipster to generate frontend code in Javascript.


If you are ok with using an old version of JHipster (and Angular instead of React), JHipster 4 can generate your client-side using AngularJS.

Install the latest version 4.x locally:

npm i generator-jhipster@4.14.5

Create an application:


When prompted about the frontend framework, choose AngularJS:

? Which *Framework* would you like to use for the client?
  Angular 5
> AngularJS 1.x

If you must absolutely use javascript, I think this is the easiest way.

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