I created it this way but I wanted to understand how to do something similar in CreateView:


class ItemA(models.Model):
    itema = models.CharField(max_length=30)

class ItemB(models.Model):
    itemb = models.CharField(max_length=30)
    itemdeFora = models.ForeignKey(ItemA, on_delete=models.CASCADE)


class ItenABVIEW(View):
    template_name = 'superforms.html'

    def get(self, request):
        formulario1 = ItemAForms()
        formulario2 = ItemBForms()
        contexto = {'formulario1':formulario1,'formulario2':formulario2}

        return render(request, self.template_name, contexto)

    def post(self,request):
        formulario1 = ItemAForms(request.POST or None)
        formulario2 = ItemBForms(request.POST or None)
        if formulario1.is_valid() and formulario2.is_valid() :
            chave = ItemA(itema=formulario1.data['itema'])
            ItemB(itemb=formulario2.data['itemb'], itemdeFora_id=chave.pk).save()
            formulario1 = ItemAForms()
            formulario2 = ItemBForms()

        contexto = {'formulario1': formulario1, 'formulario2': formulario2}

        return render(request, self.template_name,contexto)

I did it this way but I didn't understand how to redo it using CreateView and if it is possible to use two forms at the same time ...

Can you help me :)

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