I have a template document in Google Docs containing one page. I would like to create a new document with N pages each identical to the one page from the template document.

How can I do this?

  • hi, why did you remove your own answer ? it was the right approach, just a bit incomplete... ;-) – Serge insas Oct 3 '12 at 15:05
  • If I remember correctly, my solution stopped working because Google changed the interface. – oneself Oct 3 '12 at 18:24

Please have a look at this post from Henrique, it uses the different doc elements following the definitions available in the doc... you should pick the one you need and add the corresponding routine.

Here is how it goes (code from the original post):

function mergeDocs() {
  var docIDs = ['list-of','documents','ids','you should have somehow'];
  var baseDoc = DocumentApp.openById(docIDs[0]);
  var body = baseDoc.getActiveSection();

  for( var i = 1; i < docIDs.length; ++i ) {
    var otherBody = DocumentApp.openById(docIDs[i]).getActiveSection();
    var totalElements = otherBody.getNumChildren();
    for( var j = 0; j < totalElements; ++j ) {
      var element = otherBody.getChild(j).copy();
      var type = element.getType();
      if( type == DocumentApp.ElementType.PARAGRAPH )
      else if( type == DocumentApp.ElementType.TABLE )
      else if( type == DocumentApp.ElementType.LIST_ITEM )
        throw new Error("According to the doc this type couldn't appear in the body: "+type);

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