I'm making a quiz game for mobile devices. I have developed a whole score system using FB API so that players can see their score compared to their friends.

Now, Facebook asks me to request permission for "user_friends", which I understand

BUT in order to grant permission, it also asks me that :

  1. My app should be accessible : I can't make my app accessible without the Facebook score system! That's a egg and chicken problem.

  2. I am not still developing the app : let's say I go live my app without the scoring system (in order to comply with 1) and basically putting a "coming soon" message for my players), for the time I get those permission. Then I get those permission. I would need to activate my scoring system at this moment, which means I'm stilld evelopping my app ^^

Getting crazy with this process. Please what should I do?

Thanks a lot,

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