I have a PWA (progressive web app) that uses touch events (touchstart, touchend, touchmove, touchcancel). These work fine when I initially start the application. When I start the application, switch to another application, and then switch back to my PWA, the touch events are no longer occurring.

Is there:

  1. An event that I can listen to when my PWA becomes active again that I can re-add my listeners?
  2. Some way to mark my events or my html page so the touch event listener won't be lost when my application is switch out and back in?

Just to be clear here is my listener js code:

        element.addEventListener('touchstart', mantaTouchStart, false);
        element.addEventListener('touchend', mantaTouchEnd, false);
        element.addEventListener('touchcancel', mantaTouchCancel, false);
        element.addEventListener('touchmove', mantaTouchMove, false);

This works fine when I first startup the PWA, it only fails when I switch to another app and switch back.

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