I want to code below design in my flutter app.But i don't know how to make middle icon overflow the container? enter image description here

Thanks in Advance for help 😀😀

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You might want to try a package if your Custom Clipper is struggling

Check out this package, there lot feature you can build for custom bottom bar in easy way.


  • No problem brother
    – Pradana
    Jun 8, 2021 at 3:04

You can use a CustomClipper to create any shape you want. Clippers are what shapes such as RoundedRectangleBorder use, for a custom shape you'll have to create a custom clipper. There's lot's of articles that'll explain how they work in detail.

There's also some packages that do something similar. While I don't know one that does exactly what you're looking for, you might get a head start looking at their code.

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