My Apple profile certificate for iOS was ended and then I can't access anymore to my application that was developed using C++ Builder and InterBase IBLite, so I can't rescue the data from the database file.

I'm already generated a new profile certificate and then I did compile, deploy and run again the application, but avoiding to deploy again the database file expecting that the updated application could access to the old database file on my iPhone, however when I open the application it is empty of data.

This time I'm using C++ Builder 10.4.2, InterBase 2020, iOS 14.4.2 (14.5 on RAD Studio IDE).

Is it possible to recover the database file or the data?

  • I don't know if the answer to my question is yes or no, but I can say that I deleted the database file (.gdb) from the deployment list (not just unchecked as before) and then build, deploy and run again with success. I mean, the previous database file was there on the same location and with all my data. – PCSdeZ Jun 5 at 2:37

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