I am developing a web app by turning it into a PWA with REACT. However, our core technology is to print a map by receiving geolocation with setinterval, but setinterval is not performed when the phone is Hold (screen is turned off).

Any solution?

In addition, I ask if there is a way to do it for iOS as well.

  • "print a map" ... do you mean "display a map" ... in that case, why do you need to display a map on a screen that is turned off? simply wait for the screen to "turn on" and display your map – Jaromanda X Jun 5 at 8:30
  • It not only displays the map, but also shows the route according to the current location in real time. – sunpl13 Jun 5 at 10:57
  • Oh, well, then that's a problem - does requestAnimationFrame work when the screen is off? or maybe setTimeout in a worker – Jaromanda X Jun 6 at 0:18

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