erlang version = 1:24.0.2-1

rabbitmq-server version = 3.8.16-1

Recently installed latest rabbitmq on Ubuntu20. I verified that all was working fine and consumer was consuming the notification from messaging queue as required.

After approximately a day, rabbbitmq crashed as there was 0 disk space left.

After analysis found that around 10G was consumed by msg_store_transient, to which restarting rabbitmq solved the issue. But after a day, it happens again.

Can someone help me further?


most likely you are consuming messages without sending back the basic_ack, see for example here the ch.basic_ack

What to do:

  • check the unacked messages see: enter image description here
  • check if you are using too many not persistent messages
  • check if you are using too many not persistent queues
  • Thank you, I will work on it and see how it goes ! – RajatJain Jun 6 at 17:46
  • hello, currently values for Ready, Unacked and total are 95167, 0 and 95167 respectively! – RajatJain Jun 11 at 13:15
  • Issue is fixed, posted answer below – RajatJain Jun 11 at 17:29

Issue is Fixed:

  1. We had high number of Ready messages because of which rdq files was taking huge space
  2. There was a bug in code, that was listening to only one queue not all.

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