My DeepFace Implementation

def verify(img, frame, model):
    results= DeepFace.verify(img, frame, enforce_detection=False, model_name=model)
    print("result: ", results)
    verification= results['verified']
    if verification is True:
        print(model, "Successfully recognised. SCORE=")

I am trying to pass a PIL Image instead of "*.jpg" to verify() function but it gives error

    raise ValueError("Invalid arguments passed to verify function: ", instance)
ValueError: ('Invalid arguments passed to verify function: ', <PIL.Image.Image image mode=RGB size=160x160 at 0x7F4D5D03FBE0>)

I want to ask is there any way I can pass directly PIL Image object or image array without saving it to disk prior?

What I am passing:

picture= "extracted_face_picture/single_face_picture.jpg"
picture= Image.open(picture)
picture= picture.resize((160,160))

frames_from_npz= "video_faces.npz"
frames= np.load(frames_from_npz)
frames= frames["arr_0"]
for frames_arr in frames:
    frame= Image.fromarray(frames_arr)

    df.verify(picture,frame, "Facenet")
    print(i, "Above reuslts are for frame", frame_num)
    i+= 1

Note that I can still successfully implement DeepFace with saving images in directories then reading them with imread() I only want to know if there are other ways without saving images to disk

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If you are using this module, the documentation says:

Herein, face pairs could be exact image paths, numpy array or base64 encoded images

So, presumably, you can make your PIL Images into Numpy arrays like this:

results = DeepFace.verify(np.array(PILIMAGE), ...)
  • I did np.array(image_path), but I still getting error "raise ValueError("Face could not be detected ...." ) , any suggestion ? please help me , thanks in advance :) Nov 26, 2021 at 5:01
  • 1
    @NadyrbekSultanov You need np.array(Image.open(image_path)) Nov 26, 2021 at 8:09
  • but if I would like to get image from Image.fromarray() ? Nov 26, 2021 at 8:57
  • @NadyrbekSultanov You can use 2 steps. First, you can get a PIL Image with im = Image.open(image_path) Then, secondly, you can get a Numpy array from that PIL Image with na = np.array(im) Nov 26, 2021 at 9:43

Thanks a lot brother, I followed your way and got my results.

For others: I encountered error again once I followed brother Mark Setchell but it was precisely because I was passing one input as path and other one as numpy array. If you have to pass numpy array make sure to pass it for both of the input parameters.

picture= "extracted_face_picture/single_face_picture.jpg"
picture= Image.open(picture)
df.verify(picture, np.array(frame), "Facenet")


df.verify(np.array(picture),np.array(frame), "Facenet")

Thanks a lot brother Mark Setchell.

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