I'd love to learn Cocoa, it seems like the best systems language for Mac OS X.

Can you recommend any useful ways to learn the language? Books, websites, example projects or even classes to take?

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    Note that Cocoa isn't a language. Cocoa is the "best systems" framework for Mac OS X. And Objective-C is probably the language you want to learn to use it. – Mike Abdullah Apr 1 '09 at 9:37

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Andy Matuschak has a great blog post that leads you through several good Cocoa tutorials, explaining why you are reading each one.

Cocoa Dev Central has loads of tutorials.

For books, I echo Dave and Phillip Bowden with Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X by Aaron Hillegass.


Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X, by Aaron Hillegass.

  1. Read and follow the Become an Xcoder tutorial.
  2. Read Cocoa Programming for the Mac OS X and type in all the code.
  3. You can also watch CocoaCast if you would like to watch how programming is done instead of just reading it.
  4. The Cocoa documentation in apple's developer website is also a very good resource. Work your way on the Cocoa and Objective-C conceptual guides and work out the samples.
  5. Finally, just practice and apply what you've read/seen on your own application.

Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X is a great book that covers Objective-C and many of the frameworks that make up Cocoa. Most Cocoa programmers I know learned from this book (including myself). The third edition was released recently, so it's fairly up to date. Good luck.


Be sure to check out http://www.cocoalab.com/?q=becomeanxcoder. It goes from the very fundamentals of programming to learning Cocoa, Xcode and more.


Big Nerd Ranch The definitive class to take...well worth it!

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Buy a book, open XCode, and write. Seriously, writing is the best way to learn Cocoa. In addition, I recommend Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X!


I have been working on learning Cocoa myself recently and have found Apple's own Cocoa resources to be incredibly helpful.

For example projects I have spent quite a bit of time in the Adium source. Adium is a relatively large project so I am very often able to find examples of whichever concept I am interested in.

The CocoaDev wiki can also be quite useful.


One of the best books I read about Cocoa is Cocoa (Developer Reference) by Richard Wentk


Best books I encountered are those from Apress, in this case : Beginning iPhone 4 Development. Was much clearer to me than those from O'Reilly

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