I am trying to capture (using regex in python) up to two words preceding, but also including, my target word.

> Example text 1: McDonald's, King Dinuzulu Road, Durban 
> Example text 2: Queens Road, Cape Town

> desired output 1: King Dinuzulu Road
> desired output 2: Queens Road

I currently have \b(?=(\w+\s+Road|Road\s+\w+)\b), but it only returns a single word preceding "Road"

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    If you have a comma-separated list why not just split() and then deal with a list?
    – PM 77-1
    Jun 7 at 19:23
  • Will try that, might work as well.
    – The_Dude
    Jun 8 at 5:35

Something like this would work:

(?:\w+ ){0,2}Road\b


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