I created a web application (symfony backend and React frontend) and I'm interested in making a progressive web app. On the whole, it seems feasible. You need to create a manifest.json and a service worker. However, I do not know where to create these two files so that it is taken into account when I make an npm run build (or even npm run dev server if it is feasible). When I drag these files into the root, the browser tells me that it does not find any of these files.


You can bootstrap your application with the PWA template following the command below:

npx create-react-app YOUR_PROJECT_NAME --template cra-template-pwa

The argument --template cra-template-pwa is added to create an app with a service worker.

The directory of your newly created project contains the file index.js. Open it and find the following code:


Here, you can see that the serviceWorker is not registered yet. You have to change the unregister() call to register().


Configure the web app manifest for your progressive web app, that is located in the manifest.json file in public directory. Here, you need to alter the metadata that is responsible for the appearance of your application.

  • Thank you for your help but this is in the case where you create a new project. In my case, the project already exists. – Samy Jun 9 at 17:21
  • For an existing project, you've to manually install the necessary packages using the npm command: npm i workbox-background-sync workbox-broadcast-update workbox-cacheable-response workbox-core workbox-expiration workbox-google-analytics workbox-navigation-preload workbox-precaching workbox-range-requests workbox-routing workbox-strategies workbox-streams And also have to add manifest.json file inside the public folder, service-worker.js & serviceWorkerRegistration.js inside the src folder – Fatema T. Zuhora Jun 9 at 23:41

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