I use vercel.json to set a Content Security Policy header for my static site hosted on Vercel. However, there are some assets for which a global setting isn’t appropriate based on Lighthouse results, so I have attempted to exclude those assets but without success. When the builds fail because of my errors, I am pointed to the “Invalid Route Source Pattern” section of the Vercel FAQs, which notes that path-to-regexp rather than RegExp is the proper syntax. While this text gives an example of an entry with one exclusion...

"source": "/feedback/((?!general).*)"

...it doesn’t give an example with multiple exclusions, nor do the original path-to-regexp documentation and related pages I’ve found in web searches. I tried all of the following (and more) without success, so I now would appreciate greatly if someone could point me to documentation that explains how to do it — assuming that path-to-regexp even allows it in the first place. Thanks in advance.

"source": "/((?!(*.svg)))"

"source": "/((?!css/).*)"

"source": "/((?!(assets|css|images)).*)"

"source": "/((?!(assets|css|images)\/).*)

"source": "/((?!(assets|css|images)\/.*).*)"

"source": "/(?!(assets|css|images)/(.*))"

"source": "/((?!(assets|css)).*)"

"source": "/((?!(assets)).*)"

"source": "/(?!(.*.(ac3|avi|bmp|br|bz2|css|cue|dat|doc|docx|dts|eot|exe|flv|gif|gz|ico|img|iso|jpeg|jpg|js|json|map|mkv|mp3|mp4|mpeg|mpg|ogg|pdf|png|ppt|pptx|qt|rar|rm|svg|swf|tar|tgz|ttf|txt|wav|webp|webm|webmanifest|woff|woff2|xls|xlsx|xml|zip)))$/"

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