I am using Delphi 10.3.3 SQL Server Express 2014.

When the query result is small, no more than 100 records, there is no difference between SSMS execution and Firedac.

But, if query result throws around 5000 records (or more), SSMS returns the result in less than a second. However with a Delphi application using Firedac it takes approx 5 seconds.

FetchOptions are set as default

Mode = fmOnDemand
RowsetSize = 50
RecordCountMode = cmVisible

Both executions are not parametrized.

Can you give me some idea why the difference is so big?

In turn, there is no great advantage (in this case) if fmOnDemand or fmAll is used.

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  • Very possibly parameter sniffing is the cause, so the two queries have different execution plans. Can you capture the plans from SQL Profiler, Extended Events, or Query Store? Please share them via brentozar.com/pastetheplan Please also edit your question and add the relevant query, along with the relevant table definitions – Charlieface Jun 9 at 0:21
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    It is pointless to ask readers to speculate without any information about how your Delphi test is coded; f.i. does the query feed any GUI components? Please add the Delphi code you are using in the form of a minimal, reproducible example to your q. – MartynA Jun 9 at 8:05
  • Thank you both for your answers. Certainly the performance drops when the query is parameterized. Regarding posting the sql text or table definition I assumed that it would be very difficult to understand. For that reason I only detailed the number of rows that the queries returned. After a day of testing with various options and situations, I understood that it is not a specific issue of FireDAC. Thanks for your time – MacuMc Jun 10 at 2:57

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