I have a postgres SQL DB instance created on AWS RDS. I would like to connect to the postgres DB instance over ssl from my pgAdmin 4 tool which is installed on my local machine.

How do we sign the certificates a client cert against AWS's root cert so that it can be used for connection where you know the connection is secure (ssl). I could see the below config details on my AWS RDS postgres DB instance, but I couldn't download them or see a way to download those certs.

ssl_ca_file = /rdsdbdata/rds-metadata/ca-cert.pem ssl_cert_file = /rdsdbdata/rds-metadata/server-cert.pem ssl_key_file = /rdsdbdata/rds-metadata/server-key.pem

how to connect and what certificates or keys should I give in the Client Cert, Client cert key, root cert, cert revocation list locations in the attached screen shot?


Amazon PostgreSQL RDS does not support client certs. So you connect over SSL to verify the server to the client, and to get encryption, but not to verify the client/user to the server. You still use passwords (generally) to do that.

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