I'm using Facebook Login dialog on Web with their javascript SDK.

the code is like below:

FB.login(this.fbLoginCallback, {
    scope: "(...),pages_read_engagement,instagram_basic,instagram_manage_insights,pages_show_list,(...)",
    extras: ...,


For most cases, I can find the permissions on the dialog like below:

screenshot of dialog with instagram_manage_insights permission

But for a few users, only a specific permission(instagram_manage_insights) doesn’t show up on the dialog, as you can see below:

screenshot of dialog without instagram_manage_insights permission

What I checked:

  1. the user has instagram business account and can access instagram’s insights page.
  2. the permission list was sane also right before calling FB.login()
  3. it's not only about the dialog. The user could NOT get the permission but the rest

What should i do for adding the missing permission?

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