I know that

“The wide angle camera is very manufacturer and device specific, i.e. some manufacturers choose to expose wide angle cameras to developers and some don’t. Even those that expose the wide angle only do so on certain devices.”


“Some devices indeed do so today in an non-determinstic manner.”

But do you know examples of devices that expose wide angle cameras to developers ? I know for example that I can use the wide-angle camera for my applications in these devices:

  • Samsung Galaxy S10
  • Huawei P30 pro

And I CAN'T use the wide-angle camera in these devices:

  • Samsung A50
  • Samsung A40
  • Google Pixel 4

Could you help me enlarge this list ? Thanks

  • This seems better suited for github or a wiki rather than a StackOverflow question.
    – Michael
    Jun 9 at 8:54

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