I did --skip-server db=mongodb --auth=jwt so in this front end I dont have (./mvnw -Pprod ) option, cause no mvn file.

I did few npm's Like: npm run-script build

Then I get the folder myPath/build/resources/main/static

I take that folder static as the app to put on the FE apache server

but I get Error: Failed to load resource: status of 404 (Not Found) for many files like: manifest.webapp ( front end files , angular related files)

SO the build isn't right for production, How is the right process to build a separated front end for production ? Thanks in advance

  • Please edit your question to clarify your deployment architecture. You use Apache httpd to serve your frontend bundle but did you configure it as a reverse proxy for your backend? To me the build is OK, it's just that your client does not know how to contact its backend. It would help also if you described your URLs. – Gaël Marziou Jun 9 at 10:34

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