Hello I am new to Flutter I have setup flutter with android studio 4.2.1, and every thing is fine. When I try to run it; it show me following error I see too much questions but it is not helpfull for me flutter doctor run no issue found Hers is doctor result

Here is my enviroment variable

can any one guide me how can I run the flutter. I am lunching it in a chrome

exception in thread "main" java.util.zip.ZipException: zip END header not found at java.base/java.util.zip.ZipFile$Source.zerror(ZipFile.java:1567) at java.base/java.util.zip.ZipFile$Source.findEND(ZipFile.java:1462) at java.base/java.util.zip.ZipFile$Source.initCEN(ZipFile.java:1469) at java.base/java.util.zip.ZipFile$Source.(ZipFile.java:1274) at java.base/java.util.zip.ZipFile$Source.get(ZipFile.java:1237) at java.base/java.util.zip.ZipFile$CleanableResource.(ZipFile.java:727) at java.base/java.util.zip.ZipFile$CleanableResource.get(ZipFile.java:844) at java.base/java.util.zip.ZipFile.(ZipFile.java:247) at java.base/java.util.zip.ZipFile.(ZipFile.java:177) at java.base/java.util.zip.ZipFile.(ZipFile.java:191) at org.gradle.wrapper.Install.unzip(Install.java:214) at org.gradle.wrapper.Install.access$600(Install.java:27) at org.gradle.wrapper.Install$1.call(Install.java:74) at org.gradle.wrapper.Install$1.call(Install.java:48) at org.gradle.wrapper.ExclusiveFileAccessManager.access(ExclusiveFileAccessManager.java:65) at org.gradle.wrapper.Install.createDist(Install.java:48) at org.gradle.wrapper.WrapperExecutor.execute(WrapperExecutor.java:128) at org.gradle.wrapper.GradleWrapperMain.main(GradleWrapperMain.java:61) Exception: Gradle task assembleDebug failed with exit code 1


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I recently Solved this problem. This Problem came from gradle file is corrupted in my system. I'm using Linux so this steps almost same in windows also. This answer is for any gradle version.

Open File Manager: enable Show hidden folder from top menu bar.

You may find this location : .gradle>wrapper>dists.

In Linux: Home > .gradle > wrapper > dists.

In Windows: C:>Users>{PC Name}>.gradle>wrapper>dists

Method 1

  1. Go inside gradle-6.5-all > dists > 2oz4ud9k3tuxjg84bbf55q0tn. '2oz4ud9k3tuxjg84bbf55q0tn' may be different in your PC.
  2. Delete all files in that folder and download required file manually: https://downloads.gradle-dn.com/distributions/gradle-6.5-all.zip enter image description here
  3. after download paste freshly downloaded zip file in that folder.
  4. Run your project flutter run -v

Method 2

Try this if you have fast & stable internet connection.

  1. Delete that gradle-6.5-all folder. enter image description here
  2. Open project in VS code or Android Studio and open terminal.
  3. Run this command flutter run -v

Method 3

Flutter Doctor will give right result.

  1. Open Android Studio
  2. Create new flutter project
  3. Click on Tools > flutter >Flutter for editing in android studio

and wait, flutter doctor takes time to identify problem.

Use this link for download gradle file. Replace 6.5 with your gradle version. https://downloads.gradle-dn.com/distributions/gradle-6.5-all.zip

I hope this answer helpful for you.

  • For me I don't have the gradle-6.7.1-bin. What can I do? I'm using MacOS.
    – Yaya
    Jan 7, 2022 at 17:03
  • You can easily let the system download your gradle version automatically when you´re connected to the internet and doing a ´flutter run´, just make sure to have all of your processes related to the build allowed in the firewall, and it´s done. May 9, 2023 at 11:58

Please use the below command

1.Mac User :

rm -rf ~/.gradle

2.Windows User :

remove the .gradle file

.gradle file location -> C:\Users\myUser
  • Thx. This works for me.
    – ahmfarisi
    4 hours ago

I faced the same problem in VSCode when I wanted to run the Flutter app I got that error, so after lots of debugging and research, I found the solution. it's pretty easy, just follow these steps:

In windows 10:

1. Open flutter project in a Text-Editor like VSCode.

2. Open android -> gradle -> wrapper -> gradle-wrapper.properties find gradle wrapper properties

3. You will find "gradle-6.7.1.all.zip" inside gradle-wrapper folder

4. Go to this path: C:\Users\your-user find .gradle folder in windows

5. Then go to the wrapper->dists and find "gradle-6.7.1.all" folder find gradle file in android

5. Delete this folder.

6. Then come to VSCode and open Terminal.

7. Please make sure that you have stable internet connection then type this command in terminal

8. flutter run

I hope this solution can help you!

  • For me, this was also my issue. Thanks for sharing. May 1, 2022 at 14:43
  • if you change the gradle version in wrapper properties then its also works Aug 23, 2022 at 11:09

I solve this error by updating the gradle plugin/version. I have as part of my configuration:

  • Windows 10
  • Android Studio 4.2.1
  • Java 11: Android Studio 4.2.1 don't have support for JDK 16, so, I installed JDK 11, and configured the AS (how to change the jdk in AS) to use this older JDK
  • Gradle 7.0.1

By default, when you create a new Flutter project, the IDE created it with basic standard configurations, so you have to change this configs to fit your current config. For that, you need to update the gradle config in the flutter project, as follow:

  • in android/gradle/build.gradle file: update the gradle plugin to 4.2.0 in the dependencies section, like this:
dependencies {
    classpath 'com.android.tools.build:gradle:4.2.0'
    //more dependencies
  • in android/gradle/wrapper/gradle-wrapper.properties file: update the gradle version, in this case I have the 7.0.1, feel free to use another one, like this
//more attributes

After you change the gradle config, run this commands in your project:

  • flutter clean : clean the project
  • flutter pub get : update your dependencies
  • flutter run : run the project. Now it must work, at least it work for me
  • 2
    i have solved my problem wi t this one "distributionUrl=https\://services.gradle.org/distributions/gradle-7.0.1-all.zip" thank Oct 17, 2021 at 22:14
  • distributionUrl=https\://services.gradle.org/distributions/gradle-7.4-all.zip Dec 1, 2022 at 5:30

This error is caused by corrupted gradle files, this is either due to incomplete downloads due to network issues. To solve it easily download the gradle zipped file from https://downloads.gradle-dn.com/distributions/gradle-6.7-all.zip and paste on the .gradle directory as shown below if you are on linux enter image description here


I solve this error by deleting the .gradle folder.

This location is gradle folder In Windows: C:> Users> {PC Name}>. Gradle

After deleting this folder, you only need to run the application again in Android Studio. At this point, Android Studio starts downloading the deleted folder automatically. enter image description here


I try all method but it did not work for me so i decided to location the gradle-wrapper.properties in the andriod folder then i change the distribution gradle link to a more recent gradle link.

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Welcome SO.

Java 16/latest version is not fully compatible with the Gradle 6 at this moment. Try to use java 11 or 8, it will resolve your issue.

  • added but still same issue Jun 9, 2021 at 11:34
  • i think flutter file is missing dart.exe because in documentation when you run this command (where flutter dart) these are output (C:\dev\src\flutter\bin\flutter C:\dev\src\flutter\bin\flutter.bat C:\dev\src\flutter\bin\dart C:\dev\src\flutter\bin\dart.bat C:\dev\src\dart-sdk\bin\dart.exe) when i run this command output is C:\Windows\system32>where flutter dart C:\flutter\bin\flutter C:\flutter\bin\flutter.bat C:\flutter\bin\dart C:\flutter\bin\dart.bat Jun 9, 2021 at 11:54
  • flutter doctor giving you the correct result. did you try Tools->flutter->open for editing in android studio option? Jun 9, 2021 at 12:00
  • No but now i install vs studio but same error in it i dont get whats the reason is :( Jun 9, 2021 at 12:30
  • i Stuck here 2 days and i install setup 5,6 time :( Jun 9, 2021 at 12:31

I changed gradle-wrapper.properties and change distributionUrl

  1. Delete the .gradle file in your C:\Users\Axl you will find the .gradle file and Delete it!

  2. Go to your VsCode/IDE :> run flutter clean

  3. then > flutter pub get (this will download the new gradle which is Mensoined in your Gradle wrapper eg distributionUrl=https://services.gradle.org/distributions/gradle-7.5-all.zip

  4. flutter run -v [will Start your gradle demon running & your project also will start to RUN]

  5. Thankyou!


change distributionUrl in gradle-wrapper.properties

defaultConfig {
    // TODO: Specify your own unique Application ID (https://developer.android.com/studio/build/application-id.html).
    applicationId "com.ducafecat.woo_commerce.flutter_woo_commerce_getx_learn"
    // You can update the following values to match your application needs. 
    // For more information, see: https://docs.flutter.dev/deployment/android#reviewing-the-build-configuration.
    // minSdkVersion flutter.minSdkVersion
    minSdkVersion 21
    // targetSdkVersion flutter.targetSdkVersion
    targetSdkVersion 33 //31->33
    versionCode flutterVersionCode.toInteger()
    versionName flutterVersionName
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I was able to resolve this issue by referring Gradle capability matrix. It shows that, what java version is required to running specific version of Gradle. You just need to match the java SDK version and Gradle version accordingly.

Gradle Compatibility Matrix

SDK version

Gradle version


On linux, you can run the following command to find out the file causing the issue

strace -f -t -e trace=file flutter run

This will give a lot of output. When gradle finishes with error, look at the output right before the failure and you will find the problematic file, in my case it was:

[pid 13509] 12:00:48 stat("~/.gradle/wrapper/dists/gradle-7.5-all/6qsw290k5lz422uaf8jf6m7co/gradle-7.5-all.zip", {st_mode=S_IFREG|0644, st_size=44071076, ...}) = 0

Remove the file and try again, it should work.


Deleting the .gradle folder under C/USER/[PC NAME]/.gradle worked for me. My API level is 33 and is working with latest android studio version.

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