----> 6 from mrcnn.model import MaskRCNN

/usr/local/lib/python3.7/dist-packages/mrcnn/model.py in () 253 254 --> 255 class ProposalLayer(KE.Layer): 256 """Receives anchor scores and selects a subset to pass as proposals 257 to the second stage. Filtering is done based on anchor scores and

AttributeError: module 'keras.engine' has no attribute 'Layer'


I encountered this problem when I was running the project. https://github.com/matterport/Mask_RCNN

In the file model.py, there was a line

import keras.engine as KE

I changed it to

import keras.engine.topology as KE

and the problem disappeared.

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    keras=2.6.0 doesn't have topology module
    – Sultan1991
    Oct 2 '21 at 5:43

I found this in the github issue discussion and it worked for me.

You need to uninstall those :

pip uninstall keras -y
pip uninstall keras-nightly -y
pip uninstall keras-Preprocessing -y
pip uninstall keras-vis -y
pip uninstall tensorflow -y
pip uninstall h5py -y

and impose those versions :

pip install tensorflow==1.13.1
pip install keras==2.0.8
pip install h5py==2.10.0
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    Another (better?) option is to use Tensorflow upgrade tool (to v2) and the instructions in this post: github.com/matterport/Mask_RCNN/issues/… that will allow you to run matterport's MaskRCNN in newer versions of TF and Keras.
    – pcp
    Sep 26 '21 at 11:18

This isn’t strictly a duplicate, but a similar question is found here: AttributeError: module 'keras.engine' has no attribute 'input_layer'

In essence, many of the import and attribute errors from keras come from the fact that keras changes its imports depending on whether you are using a CPU or using a GPU or ASIC. Some of the engine classes don’t get imported in every case.

Instead, use from keras.layers import Layer and use that layer class in place of the one from the engine.


Installing tensorflow with version as following

pip uninstall tensorflow -y
pip uninstall keras -y
pip install tensorflow==2.4.3
pip install keras==2.4.0

After above, some errors will arise. You could solve them by following steps.

@Error: [module 'tensorflow' has no attribute XXXXXXXX]

In the model.py or your code, resolving some api with tf.compat.v1, e.g. tf.compat.v1.Session or import tensorflow.compat.v1 as tf

@Error: [ValueError: Tried to convert 'shape' to a tensor and failed. Error: None values not supported.]

mrcnn_bbox = KL.Reshape((-1, num_classes, 4), name="mrcnn_bbox")(x)

replace with this this if-else code block:

if s[1]==None:
    mrcnn_bbox = KL.Reshape((-1, num_classes, 4), name="mrcnn_bbox")(x)
    mrcnn_bbox = KL.Reshape((s[1], num_classes, 4), name="mrcnn_bbox")(x)

@Error: [ValueError: None values not supported.]

indices = tf.stack([tf.range(probs.shape[0]), class_ids], axis=1)

replace with

indices = tf.stack([tf.range(tf.shape(probs)[0]), class_ids], axis = 1)

@Error: [AttributeError: module 'keras.engine.saving' has no attribute 'load_weights_from_hdf5_group_by_name']

from keras import saving

replace with

from tensorflow.python.keras.saving import hdf5_format


saving.load_weights_from_hdf5_group(f, layers)
saving.load_weights_from_hdf5_group_by_name(f, layers)

replace with

hdf5_format.load_weights_from_hdf5_group(f, layers)
hdf5_format.load_weights_from_hdf5_group_by_name(f, layers)


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