I am making a Bot for a browser game that requires login with a Facebook account.

I want to check if the email & password are correct before proceeding to create a QWebEngineView widget (to save time and resources).

I created this method:

import requests
email = "..."; password = "..."
r = requests.post('https://m.facebook.com/login.php', data={'email': email, 'pass': password}).content.decode('utf-8')
if '/login/identify/' in r: print("email is wrong") #todo
elif '<input type="radio" name="recover_method" value="password_login"' in r: print("pass is wrong") #todo
else: print("login info is ok")

this method works fine, but when I use it: I get a (Login Alert:
Login Alert) notification on Facebook. And I have to open that notification and confirm that it was me who tried to login:

open that notification and confirm that it was me who tried to login

The problem is that if I ignored some of these notifications (and my users will surely do): my FB account gets

Identity Confirm Ban

I want to know if there is a safe or official way to do that without getting banned (e.g. Facebook API or something like that)

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    You are absolutely not allowed to ask your users for their username and password. If you are using Facebook login you should use Facebook login which doesn't require you to send requests to m.facebook.com. – WizKid Jun 9 at 16:11
  • @WizKid Is there a way to verify Facebook login info without sending requests to m.facebook.com ?? – ibrahem Jun 10 at 4:25
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    No, there is not. You need to simply call the login dialog, and let Facebook handle the rest. – CBroe Jun 10 at 6:14

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