I have updated the FBSDKAppEvents to 11.0.0 version, and the function AppEvents.activateApp() in AppDelegate is now deprecated. I have searched in the Facebook documentation, and unfortunately I didn't found any information about that, and I don't understand what's method I want to use to replace the deprecated:

Deprecated function

The message is: "'activateApp()' is deprecated: The class method activateApp is deprecated. It is replaced by an instance method of the same name."

Did anyone know what code I have to put to replace the deprecated one?

  • Also interested in seeing the answer to this – Wyetro Jun 14 at 1:05
  • I'm interested to know as well, I like to keep my code base clean of warnings :) – Janneman Jun 18 at 9:24

You can try

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    The description of the singleton is to not use, I think that it's not this one to replace the deprecated. The description is: "Internal Type exposed to facilitate transition to Swift. API Subject to change or removal without warning. Do not use. @warning UNSAFE - DO NOT USE" – M. Mansueli Jun 10 at 14:54
  • I am also stuck here, my Logs aren't shown in dashboard. – Anirudha Mahale Jun 10 at 15:16
  • I downgraded to 9.1.0 – Anirudha Mahale Jun 10 at 15:48

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