I have an app with a login screen. I am exploring making automated tests for my app. I cannot get past the login screen.

The screen has two text fields, a secure text field, and a button. I need to enter a base URL into the first and a username into the second text fields, a password into the secure text field and click the login button.

Th app hangs when I click the login button. In the simulator if I click the login button there (using the URL/username/password entered by the simulator) it works normally

Here is the WD code:

// Requires the admc/wd client library
// (npm install wd)
// Then paste this into a .js file and run with Node 7.6+

const wd = require('wd');
const driver = wd.promiseChainRemote("http://localhost:4723/wd/hub");
const caps = {"platformName":"iOS","deviceName":"iPad Pro (9.7-inch)","automationName":"XCUITest","uuid":"E85ADF43-A1D0-472D-909A-B90E11767266","app":"/Users/user/Documents/GIT/B52/build/Release-iphonesimulator/B52FloorManagement.app"};

async function main () {
  await driver.init(caps);
  let el1 = await driver.elementByXPath("//XCUIElementTypeTextField[@name=\"baseURLEntry\"]");
  await el1.sendKeys("http://example.com/login");
  let el2 = await driver.elementByXPath("//XCUIElementTypeTextField[@name=\"userNameEntry\"]");
  await el2.sendKeys("XXXXXXXX");
  let el3 = await driver.elementByXPath("//XCUIElementTypeSecureTextField[@name=\"passwordEntry\"]");
  await el3.sendKeys("XXXXXXX");
  let el4 = await driver.elementByAccessibilityId("loginButton");
  await el4.click();
  await driver.quit();


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It was the virtual keyboard.

It was not visible in the screen displayed in the Appium Desktop app, but adding

  let el4 = await driver.elementByAccessibilityId("loginButton");
  await (new wd.TouchAction(driver))
    .tap({x: 946, y: 723})
  await el4.click();

The .tap({x: 946, y: 723}) closes the virtual keyboard. Then it worked.

It is odd because the await el4.click() is on the element itself. But it must be inactivated when covered up by the on screen keyboard

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