I have a grid where i can modify the order of the elements by typing said order in a cell, then i use the GridEditingDone function to Post the modifications and Refresh grid data, my grid is linked to the FDQuery by livebindings. However it does not really works, worse, for me it seems like it's bugged. Here's an example:

if i have this at the beginning: |Order|Data | |-----|-----| |1 |Data1| |2 |Data2| |3 |Data3| |4 |Data4| |5 |Data5|

if i change Data1's order to 6, that's what happens in the grid: |Order|Data | |-----|-----| |2 |Data2| |2 |Data2| |3 |Data3| |4 |Data4| |6 |Data1|

And if i completely reload (close the form then reopen it) i, i get the expected result, so it seems to be really a bug if i didn't misunderstand anything... The expected result is this: |Order|Data | |-----|-----| |2 |Data2| |3 |Data3| |4 |Data4| |5 |Data5| |6 |Data1|

Do you have any idea of a way to fix this ?

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