I have followed a tutorial through which i have managed to post on a facebook group using their sdk and graph API on python, on the graph api version 11.

  1. I created a user on facebook, gave it the admin rights of that particular group.
  2. Created an app on facebook, in development mode.
  3. Requested permissions through that app for posting to the relevant group as that user.
  4. Generated extended access token for the same.

Issue: Admins of the group can see the posts, but the normal members of the group cannot. is it an issue with the app? Does it need to be out of development for the posts created by it to be made visible to others?

Python Code snippet:

import json
from facebook import GraphAPI

access_token= 'access token here'
graph = GraphAPI(access_token)
message = 'This is a test post...hear me'
link = '' #link needs to go here
groups = ['group id here'] #group id
for group in groups:
    graph.put_object(group,'feed', message=message,link=link)
    print(graph.get_connections(group, 'feed'))


App Dashboard

  • Yes the app needs to be out of development I believe – WizKid Jun 10 at 16:14

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