I designed a form using delphi IDE. All controls belong to dataset1. I have also a dbcombo with dataset1 as lookup.

When I disableControls and drop down the combo I have a limited list so I can not scrolldown the combo list. Is it possible to solve that ?


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    Simple: Use a separate instance of the dataset to populate the TDBLookUpCombo. – MartynA Jun 10 at 15:32
  • Generally with that sort of user interface I'd have all the data-aware controls in a TGroupBox except for the TDBLookupCombo. You then just enable/disable the groupbox and don't call TDataSet.DisableControls at all. – LachlanG Jun 10 at 20:05
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    TDataSet DisableControls/EnableControls is typically used when you are going to temporarily change the dataset cursor position and you don't want your bound controls flickering while that happens. I rarely use it as a general control disabling mechanism like you're doing here. – LachlanG Jun 10 at 20:14
  • TDataSet DisableControls/EnableControls is the only general method I believe. activate/desactivate controls is not an universal way to do. it's specific to each form. – user12500624 Jun 11 at 9:22
  • First comment is most valid in my opinion. Do not forget to set recno after close dropdown and close the dataset2 after open beforedropdown . – user12500624 Jun 11 at 13:59

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