After addition of a getitem_ my implementation of "+" df-arithmetic operator overloading no longer works.. Would would anyone have a suggestion on resolution ?

class df(pd.DataFrame)
    def __getitem__(self,key):
        return super(df,self).iloc.__getitem__(key)

    def __add__(self,o)
        return (self).add(o).combine_first(self)

def main():
    dates_1 = pd.date_range('2000-01-01',periods=num_rows_1)

    dates_2 = pd.date_range('2000-01-03',periods=num_rows_2)

    print (df_1 + df_2)

if __name__='__main__':

if getitem section is commented out, it works, but if included, runtime returns: "TypeError: Cannot index by location index with a non-integer key"

There seems to be a conflict with the + op-overload code versus the getitem code.. Is there a way round this ? (Apologies for any typo's in snippet)

Thanks in advance for any feedback..

Stack trace: df_result = df_1 +df_2 .. return (self).add(o).combine_first(self) .. return self.combine(other,combiner,overwrite=False) .. series=this[col] .. return super(df,self).iloc.getitem(key) .. return self._getitem_axis(maybe_callable,axis=axis) .. File "...\site-packages\pandas\core\indexing.py", line 2129, in _getitem_axis raise TypeError("Cannot index by location index with a non-integer key")

  • I'd assume because something in .add or .combine_first uses __getitem__ but you changed the signature (which really goes against LSP). Maybe just don't do that and use iloc the way the entire API is designed? – juanpa.arrivillaga Jun 10 at 17:16
  • Importantly, if you are getting an error then provide the full error message including the stack trace – juanpa.arrivillaga Jun 10 at 17:17

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