I have some code that uses TBB:

tbb::concurrent_vector<float[3]> vnors2;

tbb::concurrent_vector<float[3]> lnors_weighted2;

and I get an error compiling this (Windows, Visual Studio 2019):

non-scalar type 'T' cannot be used in a pseudo-destructor expression

According to this it looks like I need to re-write the class, but this isn't mine. Is there any way to address this? I could re-write my code to use a struct, but I'd prefer to use the array.

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    No idea what TBB is, but I guess tbb::concurrent_vector<std::array<float, 3>> should work. – Yksisarvinen Jun 10 at 19:29
  • That seems to work, thank you. – easythrees Jun 10 at 19:32

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