I am having trouble tracking down documentation on this, so hoping someone knows as I am not able to get application insights to capture telemetry on starttrackevent and stopstrackevent across pages. This is an asp.net mvc application, so SPA is not in play here.

I am worried I may be doing something incorrectly, however the likely case is it doesn't support it.


  • user hits site for the first time
  • user does action that triggers startTrackEvent("eventName");
  • user navigates to a new page
  • user does action that triggers stopTrackEvent("eventName");

-- from the appInsights readme https://github.com/microsoft/ApplicationInsights-JS/blob/master/README.md


appInsights.stopTrackEvent("event", null, {customProp1: "some value"});

  • In my opinion, telemetryClient.trackEvent() is a manual action, or in other words, I don't know how to make this method track event automatically, so it can't be set to start or stop. Did I misunderstand in some place? – Tiny Wang Jun 11 at 2:37
  • Hi @Tiny, there is a trackEvent of course, but there are also startTrackEvent and stopTrackEvent which has the added benefit of duration being tracked. Can be found here on the readme github.com/microsoft/ApplicationInsights-JS/blob/master/… – Harleyz Jun 11 at 16:16

Not per documentation, but via testing, can confirm that when a new page loads, appInsights will not persist start/stoptrackevent.

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