I'm trying to use the package baRcodeR to create linear Code128 barcodes.

Due to living in Germany I'm trying to create a custom PDF fitting the standard A4 paper format (210 x 297 mm). Unfortunately, if I set the settings to this format, I get an PDF with an width and height of 1355 × 1916 mm. If I'm now printing the PDF my printer scales the PDF down to fit the Paper A4 size. Unluckily it doesnt fit the labels of the label paper anymore.

The documentation of the package baRcodeR mentions that all measurement units have to be inserted as inches. As you can see below in my code I tried to convert the A4 paper format to inches, but I think something failed to this process.

Does anyone see where I did a mistake to recieve an standard A4 PDF?


example_labels <- uniqID_maker(user = FALSE, string = "Pool",
                               level = 1:80, digits = 5)

example_labels_new <- example_labels %>% slice(rep(1:n(), each = 3))  

write.csv(example_labels_new, file = "~/test.csv")

pdf_file_name <- tempfile()
custom_create_PDF(Labels = example_labels_new, name = "~/test", page_height = cm(29.7),
                  page_width = cm(21), label_width = cm(4.826), label_height = cm(1.693), type = "linear",
                  numrow = 16, numcol = 4, Fsz = 80, width_margin = cm(0.848), height_margin =  cm(1.306), trunc = FALSE, Across = FALSE)

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