I wanted to spider a website and, if some text or a matching pattern is found in the HTML, get the URL(s) of the page(s).

Wrote the command

wget --recursive --spider site.com 2>&1 | sort | uniq | grep -oe 'www[^ ]*'

to get all the URLs thus far, but stuck as to how to output only those URLs that have a specified text. Any clues?

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spider a website and, if some text or a matching pattern is found in the HTML

This is impossible with wget --spider. wget manual says that when you use --spider

When invoked with this option, Wget will behave as a Web spider, which means that it will not download the pages, just check that they are there. For example, you can use Wget to check your bookmarks:

wget --spider --force-html -i bookmarks.html

This feature needs much more work for Wget to get close to the functionality of real web spiders.

wget with --spider option does fetch response headers, which you can print following way

wget --spider --server-response http://www.example.com

which will contain information about file, for example Content-Length informing about file size, but not file content itself.

  • Thanks, I thought as long as wget finds and follows links in recursive spidering, it actually reads and makes available all contents... It was a wrong tool for my task then.
    – jack
    Commented Jun 14, 2021 at 16:08

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