I downloaded a sql file of english dictionary. It said The syntax in the wordnet20 has a deprecated TYPE=* in the .sql file. Run sed -i 's/TYPE=/ENGINE=/g' wordnet20-from-prolog-all-3.sql to replace the deprecated syntax before running it against a 5.0+ version of MySQL – How can I run it

  • You need to run it in your terminal (assuming a unix-like operating system). Jun 13, 2021 at 10:35

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sed is the UNIX (and now Linux) "stream editor," allowing you to make changes to text input from the command line. What it does best is what's suggested here, searching and replacing.

The instructions are telling you to change all instances of TYPE= to ENGINE=...which, honestly, they should have just said and used sed -i (the option says to make the changes to the file on disk, instead of printing the results) as an example of how to do that.

I should add that most GUI editors are going to need a lot of memory to get through a large file, so sed is going to be a far better option. You can run Linux on a virtual machine or install Linux-like utilities for your system to get it.

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