I am trying to read a complete csv file, alter it at one point and write it back.

This is my Code:

def change_Content(AttributIndex: int, content: str, title: str):

with open("Path.csv") as csvfile:
    csv_reader = csv.reader(csvfile)
    counter = 0
    for row in csv_reader:

        if row[0].__eq__(title):
            list[counter][AttributIndex] = content
        counter += 1

    csv_writer = csv.writer(csvfile)
    for row in liste:
        csv_writer.writerow(row)   # io.UnsupportedOperation: not writable

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You are missing the mode when you open the file. By default that goes to read mode. (r).

You need to either open with r+ or with a for appending in the end of it but if you reopen it later.


with open("Path.csv", "r+") as csvfile:

or if you reopen later

with open("Path.csv", "a") as csvfile:

should do it.


Try using open("Path.csv", mode="r+") to open the file with reading and writing permissions.


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