I am playing with the Scala 3 feature Export Clauses.

Everything works, except of opaque types.

I could not find any restrictions on them. My Opaque Type:

opaque type BpmnPath = String

object BpmnPath:
  def apply(path: String): BpmnPath = path

My exports:

package camundala

export model.BpmnPath


package camundala
package dsl

trait DSL :

  def path(pathStr: String): BpmnPath =

This gives me the following exception:

Found:    camundala.model.exports$package.BpmnPath
Required: camundala.BpmnPath²

where:    BpmnPath  is a type in package object exports$package
          BpmnPath² is a type in package object exports$package which is an alias of camundala.model.BpmnPath


I asked this question on the Scala Contributor Forum.

Turns out that this is a bug that is fixed with 3.0.1-RC1.

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