I have a web application build using dotnet as the backend and reactjs as the frontend. I build the front end files and want to serve them using yaws. I have the following configuration in /etc/yaws/conf.d/localhost.conf:

<server localhost>
    port = 8080
    listen =
    docroot = /var/www/apps/foobar/build
    dir_listings = true 

I am using the default yaws.conf file.

The directory /var/www/apps/foobar/build has the build files:


I am able to get to the homepage but I am getting 404 page not found for subsequent pages. i.e., login page or signup pages. The same works fine with nginx.

What am I doing wrong?

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    It's difficult to answer your question without additional information. Where are your login and signup pages in your directory structure? If we assume your home page URL is http://example.com:8080/index.html, what URLs are you using for the login and signup pages? You should consider running yaws interactively by avoiding the --daemon option and using -i instead, and also using --trace so that all traffic is logged to the standard output. (Use the Erlang "Ctrl-g q" key sequence to exit interactive mode.) – Steve Vinoski Jun 14 at 11:09
  • This is a React SPA build so I only have the index.html page. The routes /login.html /signup.html are dynamically rendered. example.com:8080/index.html , example.com:8080/login.html, example.com:8080/singup.html etc. this is how the pages are rendered when deployed on nginx. Sorry for being dumb but this is my first web application. – Phunsukh Wangdu Jun 14 at 14:45
  • I know no details about React but if it's sending long polling or websocket requests, then you'll need to write an application module, or appmod, to be able to handle those. Search for appmod in the Yaws documentation. Note that this will require some Erlang programming knowledge. – Steve Vinoski Jun 14 at 15:32

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