I am looking forward to extract some data from my profile in Twitter by using the following Tweepy code:

import tweepy

client = tweepy.Client(consumer_key=consumer_key, consumer_secret=consumer_secret,
                                   access_token=access_token, access_token_secret=access_token_secret)

client.get_tweets(ids=[user_id], tweet_fields=["public_metrics"], expansions=["attachments.media_keys"],

The issue is that for some reason, I get the following error: tweepy.errors.Unauthorized: 401 Authorization Required, and I know my credentials are valid because I pass tests successfully like the following:

lookup_users = api.lookup_users(screen_name=screen_name)

The issue here is that I have to authorize the account/app/project to get this data, but I haven't found the documentation related to give those authorizations.

How can I authorize my app to get this info from the account??

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    This doesn't make sense. You didn't define "api" anywhere. That seems to be from an older API implementation.
    – yar
    Aug 17, 2022 at 0:26

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Since the GET /2/tweets endpoint Client.get_tweets uses allows authentication via bearer token, that's what the method uses by default.

If you want to authorize with user context, you'll have to pass user_auth and set it to True, as it defaults to False, e.g.:


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