This is the first time for me to use pymysql cursor execute. I have two executes;

The first one is:

sql = 'create table if not exists currency(t integer primary key, prediction real default null, realVal real default null)'

This works perfectly.

The second one is:

data = [(1, 12.5), (2, 10.2)]
sql = 'insert into currency(t, prediction) values(%s, %s) on duplicate key update values prediction=values(prediction)'
cursor.execute(sql, data)

The issue arises here. "TypeError: not all arguments converted during string formatting"

I have no idea why this happens. Anybody help me. Thanks.

  • I'am not sure how you get this error with this query and data. This should throw a syntax error because the "values" between "update values prediction" is too much. And then you should get another error because the supplied data for t is not an integer. – Sven Eberth Jun 15 at 23:16
  • Thank you for your reply. BTW, I am not sure what do you mean "values b/w update values preduction is too much". And as I mentioned, the first sql execute exactly and create a table and I checked it on workbench. Would you please share me full code that is working correctly? – Nikolay Jun 16 at 14:00
  • I've added a full answer, maybe this will make it clear now. Furthermore, I didn't understand yesterday that you probably want to insert multiple entries at once. Therefore my last sentence with the integer is probably a bit confusing, sorry for that. – Sven Eberth Jun 17 at 0:04


This is Mykola. I need to spend several days to fix this problem and finally figure out the answer.

This error only appears when I use ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE.

Actually there is no syntax or logic error.

This is just a bug in MySQLdb which is located in usr/lib/pymodules/python2.7/MySQLdb/cursors.py:

restr = (r"\svalues\s*"

insert_values= re.compile(restr)

To overcome this problem I have used two SQL clauses below.

sql = 'insert into currency(t, prediction) select %s, %s where not exists(select * from currency where t=%s)'
cursor.execute(sql, (1, 10, 1))

sql = 'update currency set prediction=%s where t=%s'
cursor.execute(sql, (12.5, 1))

If someone could make it better, please share.



Your second statement has a syntax error. The second word "values" in your query was too much.

insert into currency(t, prediction) values(%s, %s) 
     on duplicate key update prediction=values(prediction)

Furthermore use cursor.executemany() to insert multiple entries instead of execute().

So the complete code for the second query should be:

data = [(1, 12.5), (2, 10.2)]
sql = 'insert into currency(t, prediction) values(%s, %s) on duplicate key update prediction=values(prediction)'
cursor.executemany(sql, data)

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